WAU Coin

WAU - Wow Appreciating Unit

WAU is a paradigm shift for capital markets in the history of trading on earth.
A historic moment has found you right now.

Official Name  - Wow Appreciating Unit
Moniker - WAU Coin
Ticker - WAU Coin
Base trading pair - waves / wau coin
asset ID - Lite wallet and waves DEX ID - FhsFXnMnZYk2nFQGfcd9rCmDaKYYxqhmDrExUTtDYAtC

Fixed Max Supply 1,000,000 coins
Network - WavesNG Blockchain Network platform

WAU Coin Wallet - https://client.wavesplatform.com

WAU Coin Decentralised exchange: https://client.wavesplatform.com

Digital Currency Laboratories developer link      https://digitalcurrencylaboratories.simdif.com

No Direct Mining, No WAU will ever be issued beyond the total 1,000,000 fixed supply

WAU coin is the worlds first Appreciating Monetary Unit or AMU. It is the first freely tradeable digital currency designed for the purpose of going up in value.

WAU Coin was built to be the ultimate SOV Store of Value digital currency ever created.
Feedback loops, geometric sells, permanent buywall for all outstanding coins,
and fixed extreme low supply are the keys to making the WAU Coin work.

WAU Coin also features low cost ultrafast transactions on the fastest blockchain ever, and
24/7 fungibility into Bitcoin, Waves, Zcash, Litecoin, and US$.

The WAU COIN system  provides 100pct liquidity so you can cash in or out to Waves, Bitcoin, or US$, 24 hours a day 7 days a week from any device anywhere in the world. Because of the permanent rising buywall for all outstanding coins , liquidity for any sell, without volume limit, is guaranteed.

WAU is an answer to the endless crashing of all capital markets through time in the history of earth. It represents the end of capital markets creating poverty and a complete removal of the fear from total collapse. WAU Coin is a paradigm shift for digital stores of value. Instead of fear and greed driven capitalism, WAU Coin represents mutual prosperity driven capitalism.
WAU Coin is truly historic.

WAU or WOW Appreciating Unit is NOT a security. It is a 100% fully functioning Digital Currency
utilizing mathematical models for a permanently rising buywall of outstanding Coins.
This is NOT an ICO