In the Laboratory

We are always working in the laboratory to find new ways of making investing, payments, and using digital and cryptocurrency better and faster. Appreciating Monetary Unit technology, the fastest Blockchain technology, with cutting edge methods and procedures, are being innovated to improve the use of digital currencies for all people. Innovation is at the heart of our work and we will share the latest innovations with our community while continuing to create advancements in mainstream digital currency.

AMUtech. Appreciating Monetary Unit technology

We are advancing the usability and adoption of digital currency in part through appreciating monetary unit technology. AMUtech uses mathematical modeling, permanent buywalls, ultra secure blockchain technology supporting thousands of transactions a second, capped supply and more sound economic functions to create  appreciating value digital currencies that dont crash and can be used for stable and appreciating value global payments, peer to peer transfers, investing,  fintech and more. WAU Coin is the worlds only currently available digital currency with AMUtech. NUMA crytpocurrency will be using AMUtech to minimize downward volatility while maintaining longterm upside value increase

NUMA cryptocurrency

Coming soon - TBA

AAMU is a USD Paired appreciating unit at 10$ with dynamic and variable formulas. volume will be volatile and changing but the buywall for AAMU monetary units will start at 10.00 and increase over time at varying speeds with varying volume. AAMU is a tool potentialy for hedging btc and other crypto, usd based price increases, high speed transfers, secure  messaging, and more.  AAMU is a lab cryptocurrency, uses variable speed volume and should be purchased by experienced cryptocurrency users only.  AAMU/USD  on waves dex