NUMA cryptocurrency is a cutting edge  laser fast cryptocurrency utilizing the most advanced wavesNG blockchain network and Appreciating Monetary Unit technology to solve the transaction speed, transaction cost, and downward price volatility problems associated with other non AMU digital and crypto currencies.

NUMA with AMUtech from Digital Currency Laboratories features;

*A permanent buywall for maximum liquidity and elimination of downward volatility spikes at all times
*Very low capped supply
*capital feedback loops and geometric price modeling to drive price appreciation

The NUMA wallets are available for pc, iphone, windows, android, and all devices supporting chrome internet browser. NUMA wallets feature the ability to convert directly to and from Bitcoin, Litecoin, ETH, and Waves 24 hours a day from any device directly from the wallet.

Official Name: NUMA
Total Max Circulation : 11,000,000
NUMA Treasury Fund: 1,000,000
Official Launch Date:  4/24/2018
Blockchain Network: wavesNG instant global transfers

Decentralised Exchange and Wallet for Cell Phone and Tablets: type 'Waves Wallet' in google play or appstore
Decentralised Exchange and Wallet for Windows:
Decentralised Exchange and Wallet for chrome browser:

Twitter:  @DCLcoins  Follow and Chat with  Digital Currency Laboratories
NUMA Commmunity Forum:

NUMA is not an ICO and will be 100% functional with wallets, peer to peer payments, trading, stake mining, and investing on a decentralised exchange from day 0.