How to use, invest, and participate

Using DCL digital currency for secure ultrafast investing, global payments, or peer to peer payments is easy

1. Get a free wallet and waves decentralised exchange by clicking Here

Mobile Apps - type 'waves wallet' in google play or app store

2. Transfer Bitcoin Waves Litecoin ETH ZEC to your waves wallet

3. Select the decentralised exchange icon ( the icon with three candlesticks )

4. Type 'WAU Coin' or 'NUMA' in the 'add coin' search box in the trade pair with waves for WAU or US dollars for NUMA

5. Place your order to buy. You are now ready to buy sell or send peer to peer payments with WAU Coin and NUMA, or just hold and watch the value rise

Integrating DCL digital currencies into your software system

Using DCL digital currency in online stores, global payment systems, automated trading, and many many many uses is straightforward fast and secure. For API acces to DCL digital currencies and decentralised exchange

Click here: APIACCESS